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Commercial Fencing Products in Beverly, MA
Geo Brothers Fence

playground fenceGeo Brothers Fence specializes in building many commercial fencing products for several industries including industrial, government facilities, construction sites, shopping centers, parks, and office buildings.

In addition to fences, we provide several other commercial products that compliment your fencing and provide security, access, and architectural elements that work with the existing structures.

We incorporate gates of several types into your fence that allow you to control all access points on your property. These include swing, cantilever slide, overhead track, vertical lift, barrier arm, accordion, roller, sally port, parking lot, and anti-crash. When it comes to access control, we provide keypad or card reader access, remote controls, intercom or telephone systems, and computer monitoring using advanced software packages

Railings are an important feature to define property lines and protect guests on upper level balconies. They can also be built in as critical safety features on landings, rooftops, stairways, and decks.

We also build fencing components in specialty metals including aluminum, trellises, privacy screens, dividers, canopies, glass and cable rails, window guards, and security doors.

Other commercial products we build include playground woodchips, bench and pagoda areas, playground structures, deck fences, piers and walkways, boardwalks, and more. We are open to your customized designs and requirements and can work with almost any architectural plan you have in mind.